Admissions Process

St. John International School Admission Guidelines

SJIS major intake takes place in January of each academic year. However, application can be made throughout the
year and admission to a programme will be based on the availability of places.


Step 1 : Make an application

1. Submit the completed & signed application form with the documents listed below:

a) A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
b) A copy of the applicant’s NRIC/passport
c) A copy of the most recent school academic grading report & records of previous schooling records
d) A recent passport-size colour photograph of applicant
e) Application Fee of RM500.00 for the placement test

2. Application fee can be paid via cash or credit card. Payment for the Placement Test of RM500.00 is NON- Refundable.

3. The submission of false, inaccurate or misleading information could lead to a rejection of your application for enrolment in the school. Parents must at all times inform the school of any changes and/or any important personal information that is pertinent and useful to the school. Example: custody rights of said student, character traits, health issues, etc. In some instances, the school would request for some documentary evidence.

4. Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee a place until the completion of the entire admission procedure.

Step 2 : Assessment/Placement Test

1. Upon receipt of a completed application form, an appointment will be made to assess the student’s suitability to existing programmes and levels via a placement test.

2. An email will be sent to the parent stating the specific date and time of the placement test.

3. Admission of a student into the school is subject to availability of places and satisfactory outcome of the placement test results.

4. All assessments conducted belongs to the school and will be kept private and confidential. The school reserves the right not to allow the placement test to be brought out of the school premises physically or in any form of electronic transfer, including the soft copy of the said test.

Step 3 : Application Outcome

1. The successful applicant must meet the requirements set for the enrolment process and parents will be notified of the application status within one week from the date of the placement test.

2. Successful application: A confirmed seat will be offered in the School. Parents need to proceed for the next step which will be Enrollment.

3. An offer for enrolment shall be conveyed and communicated to the parents of successful candidates. Parents will be required to confirm such enrolment within the stated stipulated time accompanied by the necessary documents and payments.

4. If the year’s group is filled, the applicant’s name will be placed on a waiting list. The applicant will be offered a place as soon as a place becomes available at the discretion of the school.

Step 4 : Enrolment

1. Upon receiving the payment, which confirms the acceptance of the placement, parents will receive a Student Handbook and Registration Check List from the Admission Office.

2. Parents/students will be informed on the orientation date. The orientation takes place in the 1st week of the school academic year.

3. The acceptance of the enrolment will only be confirmed following a full payment of the Registration Fee, Deposit, 1 (one) Semester School Fee & Miscellaneous Fees.

International Students Application

Submit the application form together with the documents listed below:

a) A copy of the applicant’s passport biographical page & valid visa page
b) A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate (Translated into English)
c) A recent colour passport-size photograph of applicant
d) A Copy of the most recent school results or report / academic certificate
e) Application Fee of RM400.00 for the placement test

International students studying in the International School in Malaysia will need a Dependant Pass, MM2H Visa, or an International Student Visa from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

If the child is under the care of an appointed Guardian, parents are then required to provide a copy of the Guardian’s passport biographical page and valid visa page. And the Guardian visa application is also the responsibility of the parents.

Student Visa Processing

The school will provide assistance for the International Student Visa application. A detailed application checklist for the student visa application will be given to the respective parents/guardian.

The International Student Visa applications can only be processed if all required documents listed in the International Student Visa Application Checklist is received in full.

The process of getting a student visa application approved will take approximately 1-2 months.

All required fees need to be paid in full before the school will start with the processing of the Student Visa.

For further information, please contact the School Admissions Office:

Lot 145, Jalan Bukit Nanas
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03-2022 4881/03-2022 4883
Fax No: 03-2034 158
Website :


1. Submit the completed application form and scholarship form (for applicant who meets the
requirement and entitled for SJIS Scholarship) with the documents listed below:

a) A Copy of SPM Trial /IGCSE Trial Examination Results / Certified letter from relevant
authority for applicant who does not have Trial Examination Results (for Private Candidates).
b) A copy of Actual SPM/IGCSE Exam Results (when available)
c) 4 recent passport-sized photos
d) A copy of IC
e) Copy of Certificates/Testimonials from clubs and associations (if available)
f) Registration and Application Fees of RM550 (Non-Refundable)




a) A copy of IGCSE Examination Result / Secondary School Results & Certificate (for
International students who have qualifications other than IGCSE)
b) A copy of the applicant’s passport biographical page & valid visa page.
c) A copy of parents’ passport biographical page & valid visa page.
d) A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate (Translated into English).
e) Registration and Application Fees of RM2200 (Non-Refundable)


2. Upon meeting the entry requirements and payment of Registration and Application Fees,
Offer Letter will be issued to confirm admission.

3. Fees payment (Term 1 school fees, Miscellaneous & Deposit) must be made within 2 weeks upon issuance of offer letter.

4. Upon receiving fees payment, Admissions department will provide details of the commencement date. Students can download the Timetable and Academic Calendar at the SJIS website.

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