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Alumni Spotlight - Dhanieya Luxshmi Gunalan ,class Of 2015

St. John’s International Secondary School indeed a very special place for me. I believe that a part of who I am today is the result of the school’s molding and guidance. I was fortunate to have had teachers who knew how to strike the perfect balance between being an educator and a…..Read More

Alumni Spotlight - Friends, Teachers and Me at SJIS

My secondary school days in SJIS were a huge part of my life as a handful of knowledge, experience and memories were made there – ones which I will cherish forever. I have experienced many enjoyable and hateful moments which taught me that in life, there are moments we can be happy and at the same time, there will be tough times to fight against. ….Read More


Honestly, I was having a second thought of joining St. John’s International School (SJIS) when I was 13. It was a moment of a quandary in making a choice to be enrolled in a small international school. People say, ‘what really matters is invisible to the eye’, and I didn’t realise at that time how much fun and colours SJIS would add to my life in shaping my personality and ….Read More


It was the worst day of my academic life when I rst stepped in SJIS! I did extremely poor academically. However, throughout the years I spent in SJIS, memorable and spontaneous events had happened in a flash of light. I, an isolated loner, was nally able to make a group of good friends that helped each other grow to be better. My academic results progressed each year, which is still kind of unbelievable….Read More

Alumni Spotlight - SJIS SHINING STARS

My entire secondary school life was spent at SJIS, studying here for 5 years from Year 7 up to Year 11, I have seen various changes to the school as well as drastic changes in myself in many aspects. Since my first day at SJIS up till the last, the school has been constantly expanding and as each year passed, more and more improvements surfaced… Read More >


My name is Bibienne Yeoh, although my friends will tell you that I go by a string of nicknames, and I am from the graduating
class of 2017. I have very fond memories from St John’s International  and it’s almost as if I’ve grown with the school since it’s hay days of having barely a hundred students to now having two campuses. In fact, I was in the school’s rst Year 7S programme…Read More

Alumni Spotlight - DEDICATED & SOCIABLE

Being in SJIS for about 4 years was honestly one of the best times of
my life. I remember having a culture shock when I first entered the
school, as I never had an international school exposure prior to that. …. Read More >

Alumni Spotlight - BEING A ROCK STAR ROCKS!

The wonderful teachers and friends that I have gained along the way have made my journey here really memorable as I reminisce about all the fun times we had together. Getting through daily life in high school was not easy, but it was the people who made it …. Read More >


VENUS HENG KAI ING, HONG YE LIM AMY and SRI ABIRAAMY. SJIS was the turning point for me. Being a student from …. Read More >


I have joined St. John’s International School (SJIS) in 2014 when
I was 13. It was completely a different environment for me to
adapt to because I was originally from a  ….. Read More >


St. John’s International School (SJIS) – Studying here is great; it
always leaves me in joy. Every single memory astoundingly
resides in my mind and heart. It all started  ….. Read More >

Alumni Spotlight - THE TWINS FROM SJIS

SJIS is a place where I started my journey. It was a journey of studying hard to achieve a good result. SJIS was a place where I got the motivation to study ….. Read More >

SJIS Privilege Card

The SJIS Privilege card entitles its members to certain discounts and other benefits as notified by SJIS to the members from time to time. If you would like to collect your card please drop by at our SJIS Office,1st Floor Campus 2,Ming Building. For those who are attending The Alumni Gathering on 15 June 2019, you will receive the Privilege Card upon registration.

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